Tuesday, May 27, 2008

58th post..

Oh mine.. see the response.. erm... ok... beauty or not... i don know.. was really into beauty last time... but now old le la.. haha.. beauty not as important.. but hei.. i tot my gf looks not bad yarh? haha... beauty in the eye of beholder la... i also don know.. but... last time when i said i don have gf.. cos actually although anniversary but we did have our fair share of break/patch so attached or single is true at tt point of time lor.. i really didn't mean to lie.. yeah? hmmz.. Anyway.. i am not getting married la!!! its juz photos ma... haha.. i wonder who get the idea tt i am.... weird...

anyway.. juz came back from studio.. erm... my brother is out.. sad.... but ok la.. its the process tt matters.. results ok ok only la.. haha.... doesn't matter much... go brother... i believe u did very well.. juz unlucky... proud of u!!! I hereby thank everyone here who supported him or have went down to watch the show.. thanks so much! hee....


  1. ur weird lol just kidding.........

  2. i would say.. . . your bro case..
    lack abit of luck ...this yr's competition is 2 strong and advice seeking for him may not be enuff...
    i still think he should stay curled for his long hair nia! thts artistic man! :P :P :P

    nvm sure has chance! either wait another yr if not. . another sTAR iDOL!! haha~

    ya.. funny as i think.. why ppl will think u marry arh? hhohoho ~ cheerryzzz!

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