Thursday, May 7, 2009

115th post..

Have anyone seen the advert where there is this tkgs girl who her dad bought her a pair of cheaper heels and then she broke them at a party... came back with lotsa anger and the dad still mend it for her... found a even better dad... which is my dad! He washes all my clothes for me when i brought like 20 kg of clothes back from hall... change my fish tank water for mi ( thou killing 4 fishes in the process).. and den help jx stick his shoe back for him when they are spoilt (as shown above)... honestly.. thou my mom always say him and stuff... he just quietly doing his duty as a dad... thou he got his bad points... like overly scare of bad things happening... fuss over very small things.. but those are with super gd intentions.. sianz lor.. i still yell at him when he wakes mi up in the morning... cos i am a lazy pig who love to sleeps... i shall remind myself tt i should treat n respect him better... and stupid jiaxi.. u better do the same too... ur super lousy temper... try to curb la! you see he do YOUR shoe for u leh... not even mine..

Take a look at this 2 pictures... the loads of notes are carried by me and jiaxi here from our room... so heavy! i guess.. more den 50 kg ba... can see all you how much it is? haha.... its me and my friend's notes accumulated over the past years... so now u noe how wasteful of paper is a university student le hor.. wah.. got this recycle plan going on in sch.. to reuse them for junior and not throw away..... but.... have to sort it out ourselves... haha... no way i am going to do tt man!! tts y gd enough le la.. putting beside recycle bin... its like freaking tall la.. haha!!

And lastly.. my latest photo... haha... just dyed my hair to natural brown and had a new haircut... like it? haha...
PS: there is only 1 cinderella la... haha... and she is.... *ay**y *oo j** *i...... haha!!!!!

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  1. chengxi,u look so handsome and so cute..

    really leh...long time no see u,u become handsome and cute le....

    i kike very much...